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This self-titled debut album boasts 13 tracks, drawing strong influences from traditional Yoruba rhythm and psychedelic rock, resulting in a nostalgic love letter to the Nigerian sounds of the 60s and 70s. The album features friends of the band and mentors who enthusiastically participated in its making, helping to shape its authenticity and texture.


Pan-Africanism activist and legendary artist Lemi Ghariokwu who also worked on the album cover art, generously shares powerful thoughts and awakening consciousness about the Nigerian nation on 4 tracks. 


Nigerian artist Stiques features on 2 afro-grunge songs - Jindadi and the catchy Wuta, where he sings in his mother tongue of Hausa. His lyrics are fueled with energy as he describes the current social landscape many Nigerian youth face today, against the backdrop of pursuing dreams while living in a society plagued by a corrupt, greedy and failing government.

The album was recorded and mixed by Mathias Durand in April 2017 at Blackstar Studio, Lagos, Nigeria and Mastered by François Le Xuan, Paris, France.


A root bass, along with a rugged percussionist, hypnotic guitarist, conceptual drummer and an eclectic vocalist all walk into a Lagos bar. Each bringing to the space a unique sense of sound, soul and superstitious color. Skata Vibration is Adey, Jad, Laughter and Stiques. They describe themselves as ‘a bunch of underground musicians jamming’.


They have been performing and working the local scene of Lagos for the past 7 years, rhythmically moving limbs and souls with their psychedelic, afro-beat sounds that pay homage to traditional afro-rock of the 60s and Fela Kuti’s afro-beat.

Photo credit: Medina Dugger

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